What Constitutes Child Abandonment in CA?

July 9, 2022

In California, child abandonment can be a criminal and civil issue. The state has several laws that protect the safety and best interests of children and the consequences for violating them.

If a parent fails to take their parental responsibilities seriously or place their kids in harm’s way, they risk having their parental rights terminated. When this happens, the parent can no longer decide on issues related to raising their child, and all their parental obligations and rights will be terminated. In addition, depending on the specific circumstances, the parent may also face costly fines and even jail time.

The termination of rights is permanent unless the parent meets immensely stringent standards to reverse the order. Likewise, appealing the termination only applies if your child doesn’t get adopted after your rights have been terminated. Termination typically comes up in cases involving abandonment, adoption, or situations in which the child isn’t safe with their parent.

What Exactly is Child Abandonment?

Child abandonment is a crucial factor when courts decide on whether to terminate a parent’s rights to their child. Essentially, if a parent left their child with a non-parent for at least six months or with the child’s other parent for at least a year without child support or contact, that constitutes child abandonment.

Under the California Family Code, child abandonment occurs when a legal guardian, parent, or another individual that has legal custody of a child:

More specific examples that may result in child abandonment charges can include:

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