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Personal Injury

A severe accident that inflicts life-altering personal injuries can cause immense amounts of pain & suffering while preventing you from working and doing the things you love. We litigate aggressively and strategically to hold the party responsible for your life-changing injury financially accountable.


criminal defense

Criminal Defense

Being arrested on misdemeanor or felony charge is serious and must be addressed if the accused wishes to mitigate the potential penalties they face. A criminal conviction can result a prison sentence and a stigma that narrows professional and social opportunities.If you have been arrested and charged with a crime we can fight to protect your freedom.


Need legal counsel? Turn to the attorneys at our firm for answers & guidance.

Usually, people don’t turn to an attorney because things are going well. It’s because they’ve been accused of a crime or injured in an accident and they need help through a difficult situation. At The Law Offices of Bamieh & De Smeth, PLC, our lawyers are committed to successfully representing each client who turns to our firm. While there are some exceptions, we believe that the most effective way to handle a case is through trial. Oftentimes, other firms try to stay away from court, but we fearlessly litigate on behalf of our clients, allowing us to successfully protect the rights of many injured and accused persons throughout Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties.

Whether you need legal advocacy for a personal injury or criminal defense case, our attorneys are ready to provide effective and trustworthy representation. We truly care about the outcome of every case and show our dedication through our investment in every client. Here are a few of our promises to you:

  • We will relentlessly fight with you until the end.
  • We will be honest and let you know during the initial consultation if you have a good case.
  • We will answer all of your questions and offer you a variety of free resources.
  • We will proactively and extensively investigate your situation to make sure we retain all related evidence.

Legal matters can affect your future in serious and costly ways, so it is important that you turn to our firm as soon as possible. Our Ventura criminal defense & personal injury attorneys have the knowledge and experience that you need to feel confident facing your legal battles. Thus, you can feel confident that our team knows what it takes to win and will do everything in our power to protect your rights.

We Have Handled Thousands of Cases

Our team of attorneys understands the nature of trial litigation. We try more cases than any other firm in Ventura County and have handled some of the largest cases in the community. We represent many of the high-profile cases in the area and can effectively assist you in your legal needs.

Get in touch with us as soon as possible to talk with one of our lawyers. We will first evaluate the situation at your initial consultation, then immediately begin to develop a legal strategy.

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Ron Bamieh
Ron Bamieh

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Ron Bamieh

Ron Bamieh
Ventura Criminal Defense Lawyer
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Santa Barbara Criminal Defense Attorney
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Mr. Bamieh has helped us with multiple serious felony issues. He is collaborative, open-minded, and HIGHLY experienced. His courtroom demeanor is what any defendant hopes for: unflappable, articulate, and laser-beam focused.

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