How Do I Know Which Lawyer to Hire for My Criminal Case?

In the end, the decision about which attorney to hire when you are facing charges comes down to two things: Experience and comfort level. You want a criminal defense attorney who you know has the ability to fight for the best possible outcome in your Santa Barbara or Ventura case while they are able to guide you through a stressful and frightening process.

The Attorney’s Experience

There are numerous decision points during the criminal process where you and your attorney must sit down and agree on the path forward. One of the early decisions is whether to fight the charges or try to negotiate with the prosecutor to obtain lesser charges or a favorable plea deal. And sometimes the best option is to work the case in order to obtain a better deal. It all depends on the facts and charges against you.

An experienced attorney will be able to get down to the heart of the matter immediately. When you speak with the lawyer on the initial consultation, look for an attorney who can get right down to business, discussing the ways to approach your case. They can investigate your matter, and within a short period of time, know if there are any weaknesses in the case against you.

Experience also means that your attorney could seize an opportunity to speak with the prosecutor to secure a favorable plea deal if that is what your case requires. Sometimes, the best outcome is a guilty plea where the charges are reduced to a misdemeanor, or you are placed in a diversion program.

You also are looking for an attorney with experience in handling your particular type of case. For example, you would not want a lawyer who primarily handles DUIs when you are facing murder charges. Ask the lawyer about their background and the kinds of cases that they have worked on in the past. If your criminal case is more complex, you need to be even more discerning when it comes to your attorney, since not every lawyer has both the experience and the capability to handle complicated and lengthy trials.

Your Comfort Level with the Attorney

At the end of the day, you as a client make the decisions about your case based on your attorney’s recommendations. You will need to have many conversations with your attorney during your case, and some of them may be difficult. The relationship between a client and their criminal defense attorney can make or break the defense.

You should hopefully know after your initial consultation whether you have a rapport with your defense attorney. After all, you are entrusting this person with your future. While your attorney would not be your friend, you need to be comfortable trusting them. You may prefer one attorney’s style over another, and this is important because you will be working very closely with your lawyer throughout your entire case.

Ventura and Santa Barbara Criminal Defense Attorneys Making a Difference in Your Case

The criminal defense attorneys at Bamieh & De Smeth, PLC are experienced counsel with a track record of handling complex matters. Call us today at (805) 643-5555 or contact us online to discuss your case. The sooner you bring a criminal defense attorney into your case, the better off you are.