If one of your loved ones was recently arrested and is now in custody at the Ventura County Pre-Trial Detention Facility, contact our Ventura County drug possession lawyers right away for a free consultation.  We may be able to help with bail-related matters while fighting the charges against your loved one.  For additional support, this article explains how to bail a person out of the Ventura County Pre-Trial Detention Facility, which is one of the county’s three detention facilities along with the Todd Road Jail and the East County Jail.

Where to Post Bail for Someone in Custody at the Ventura County Pre-Trial Detention Center

When a person is arrested in Ventura County, he or she will be taken into custody for a process called booking, which takes place at a county jail or police station.  The booking process is when arrestees are searched, fingerprinted, and photographed (resulting in what’s commonly known as a “mugshot”).

Once the booking process is complete, the arrestee will be held in custody until he or she is arraigned — a topic we covered in our article about what happens during arraignment in Ventura County — released on recognizance, or posts bail.  Friends and family members who are aged 18 or older may generally post bail on the detainee’s behalf, provided they use an acceptable form of payment and bring a government-issued photo ID, such as a passport or driver’s license.

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To bail a loved one out of the Ventura County Pre-Trial Detention Facility, you should post bail directly at the facility, which is located at the following address:

800 South Victoria Avenue
Ventura, CA 93009

The facility shares an address with the Ventura County Superior Court, whose Criminal Division handles all types of felonies, misdemeanors, and wobbler offenses.

Bail Bonds and Other Acceptable Forms of Payment

Acceptable methods of payment for posting bail may include:

  • Bail Bonds — Not all defendants qualify for a bail bond.  However, if bail is an option, a bail bond company employee known as a “bondsman” or “bondswoman” will charge a non-refundable portion of the full bail amount — generally 10% to 15% (e.g. $1,000 to $1,500 for $10,000 bail) — to have the person released.  While bonds can be affordable and convenient, they also come with some potential drawbacks.  For example, if the defendant fails to appear in court after being released, the bond company can send a bounty hunter to retrieve the defendant.  If the bail amount is too expensive, it may be possible to obtain a bail reduction so that you do not need to use a bond.  You should talk to a Ventura County sex crimes attorney about your options for posting bail before making a major financial commitment.
  • Cash — You must bring the exact amount.  The facility is not equipped to make change.
  • Cashier’s Check/Certified Check — Cashier’s checks and certified checks should both be made payable to the Ventura County Superior Court.
  • Credit Card/Debit Card — There are two ways to post bail using your credit card or debit card:
    • Pay Online — First, navigate to the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department bail payment portal on GovPayNet.  This is the service the Ventura County Pre-Trial Detention Facility uses to process online bail payments.  You’ll be prompted to supply the defendant’s full name, booking number, and whether the crime is a misdemeanor.
    • Pay by Phone — Call (888) 604-7888 and follow the prompts.  You’ll be asked to supply a code number.  The code is PLC # 6404.
  • Money Orders — Money orders should be made payable to the Ventura County Superior Court.

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What to Do if a Family Member Gets Arrested in California

If you have any questions about how or where to post bail, how bail is determined in California, how long your loved one can be held in custody, whether it’s possible to request a bail reduction hearing, whether your loved one qualifies for cost-free bail known as release on recognizance, or any other bail-related questions about you or your loved one’s charges, call a Ventura criminal defense lawyer at The Law Offices of Bamieh & De Smeth, PLC right away at (805) 643-5555 to set up a free and completely confidential legal consultation.

Once a person has been arrested or charged with a crime, it is critical to act quickly to start reviewing your family’s legal situation with an aggressive theft attorney in Ventura County.  Our skilled and knowledgeable team of Ventura County assault lawyers brings more than 20 years of experience to a wide range of wobbler, misdemeanor, and felony charges.  Our vast knowledge of California law combined with our aggressive, innovative legal tactics has enabled us to obtain numerous sentence reductions, case dismissals, and other favorable outcomes for defendants facing serious allegations.

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