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If you suffered personal injuries during a motor vehicle accident involving a delivery truck, then you need to make sure that you understand your legal rights and the options available to you for holding the at-fault parties liable. You may be entitled to financial compensation from the driver of the delivery truck and other parties who caused your injuries. Contact a Santa Barbara and Ventura delivery truck accident lawyer at Bamieh & De Smeth today to schedule a free consultation. We can assess what happened and the legal steps you might take.

Causes of Delivery Truck Accidents 

Amazon, Walmart, Target, FedEx, UPS, and many other national corporations have expanded their enterprises and conduct business twenty-four hours a day in countries throughout the world. Many of these companies hire their own delivery drivers, while also using USPS and other carriers to deliver goods.

Third-party drivers are often not paid as much as other drivers, and they may have to make many deliveries in a short amount of time. These drivers may be distracted and rushed while driving. Distracted and fatigued delivery truck drivers are capable of causing serious bodily injury and even death when they cause motor vehicle accidents.

The most common causes of delivery truck accidents are the following:

Who Is Liable For My Injuries?

Determining who is liable for your injuries caused by an accident involving a delivery truck will often depend on the employee’s status, whether the company is privately owned, and the delivery driver’s insurance policy. Other factors include who owns the delivery truck, the physical and mechanical condition of the vehicle, and whether any third-party drivers were also negligent.

The contracting company, subcontractor, or delivery truck driver may be individually or collectively responsible for your injuries. Whether the delivery truck driver was an independent contractor or an employee is important to determine who is liable for your injuries. For employee-drivers, the employer might be vicariously liable for injuries the driver caused. It is also important to verify that the employee was acting with the scope of his or her employment during the accident.

These questions can be analyzed by an experienced truck accident attorney who can advise you on the best course of action to take to prove your legal claims.

Delivery truck drivers may cause injuries by doing any of the following and more:

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