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Accidents happen on school buses and city transit buses every day in the United States. From working professionals and daily commuters to school-age kids, a wide variety of people ride different kinds of buses around California. Throughout the state, and particularly in huge counties like Santa Barbara and Ventura, buses transport tens of thousands of people every single day. The risk for catastrophic injury is high during a bus accident because so many people are often involved in the collision. The bus passengers and their loved ones may both have to face high medical bills and extensive rehabilitative treatment. The Santa Barbara bus accident attorneys at Bamieh & De Smeth can help you if you are seeking legal representation after suffering personal injuries during a bus accident.

What Buses are Involved in Accidents?

Buses are defined by the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards as any motorized vehicle that can carry more than ten passengers. Church buses, school buses, charter buses, large vans, transit buses, airport shuttles, intercity buses, trolleys, and tour buses are all included under this definition. The state law of California will be a major factor in determining if a bus company or other entity is liable for a bus accident victim’s personal injuries.

Commercial Buses and Factors Contributing to Bus Accidents

Commercial bus companies transport passengers across state lines every day in the United States. Accidents involving these types of buses are primarily caused by negligence, careless driving, distracted driving, and dangerous road conditions. Some buses may have manufacturing or design defects that cause a bus to malfunction and crash.

Commercial buses often do not provide passengers with shoulder belts or lap belts. Many passengers are ejected from commercial buses during accidents. Other passengers may be tossed around inside the bus due to the lack of safety belts. The federal government does not require passenger safety belts, and this can increase the risk of serious injuries to passengers.

Who Is Responsible For The Injuries I Suffered During A Bus Accident?

An experienced bus accident attorney can help you determine who may be liable for your personal injuries. During bus accidents, many different entities may possibly be liable for your injuries and losses. The bus company operating the bus, the owner of the bus, and the company responsible for repairing and maintaining the bus may all be liable for the accident.

A private bus company may be liable for your injuries because the company allowed a poorly maintained bus to transport passengers, or for negligent hiring if unqualified drivers caused a bus accident. Bus companies are also responsible for enforcing safety procedures and adhering to state and federal regulations. In addition, when a bus driver is negligent, the company that employs the driver might be vicariously liable.

Independent bus maintenance companies may be liable for the personal injuries you suffered during a bus accident. These companies are responsible for keeping the bus in good working order, and if the maintenance company failed to properly inspect and maintain the bus, then the maintenance company may be liable for your personal injuries.

Local governments may be liable for your personal injuries. A governmental entity may own or operate the public or school bus on which you suffered an injury. The governmental entity may have been negligent when it hired an unqualified bus driver or another employee. Local governments may also be sued for not repairing dangerous road conditions that cause bus accidents.

Depending on the particular circumstances of the bus accident, there might be other parties that could be held accountable for the accident-associated damages. These parties might include:

Filing a Claim Against The At-Fault Party

While you can certainly file a claim without legal help, you should know that negligent bus driver through their company/management and its insurance provider has the advantage of legal expertise, experience, resources, and money. Fortunately, a skilled bus accident lawyer could help offset these advantages.

As you focus on recovering from your injuries and moving forward with your life, our experienced Santa Barbara and Ventura bus accident attorneys could handle all the legal complexities of your case, such as:

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