Sexual Assault on College Campuses in CA

An audit by the California State Auditor revealed some uncomfortable and heartbreaking truths regarding sexual assault on California college campuses:

And the overall conclusion – California campuses must do better to protect the students. Unfortunately, sexual assault incidents in college campuses across California are still happening to this day. 

Sexual assault on campuses could occur at parties, student housing, parking lots, libraries, and other public places. If you or a loved one has been a victim of any kind of sexual abuse at a university, boarding school, or college, you can reach out to the Santa Barbara sexual assault attorney of Bamieh & De Smeth for compassionate legal assistance.

What All College Students Must Know About Title IX

Knowing where to turn to for help following a sexual assault incident on campus could ensure that your legal rights are protected. Title IX helps ensure that the rights of students that attend schools that accept government funding are protected against sexual abuse, violence, assault, and harassment on and off-campus.

If you’ve been victimized by sexual assault while at school, you should report the incident to the school authorities, and they must follow the proper procedures for investigating and resolving the issue. Meanwhile, you must also report the sexual assault to the local police so that they can pursue and press criminal charges against the sexual predator through the proper channels.

Once you have reported the incident to your school and the police, you should then discuss your case with an experienced sexual assault lawyer. Having a lawyer by your side to help you evaluate the specific circumstances of your case will help preserve your legal rights and hold the sexual predator liable for your damages.

Civil Claims to Recover for Sexual Assault Damages

A civil claim or lawsuit is the only legal option for sexual assault victims to get restitution for their medical expenses, pain and suffering, counseling and therapy bills, psychological distress, and other related damages. Likewise, the burden of proof in civil campus sexual assault cases is commonly easier to meet than in criminal cases in which the suspect must be found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

Additionally, in criminal cases involving campus sexual assault, even if the prosecution decides that there’s insufficient proof to charge the suspect with a criminal offense, or if the charges are dropped later, or if a future trial’s outcome acquits the suspect of the charges against them, sexual assault survivors could still file a civil claim to seek damages.

Learn How Our Skilled Santa Barbara Sexual Assault Attorneys Can Help

Sexual assault, violence, harassment, and any form of sexual abuse are very heinous crimes that often leave victims feeling helpless and traumatized. But you don’t have to be. Here at Bamieh & De Smeth, our compassionate and experienced Santa Barbara sexual assault attorneys will listen to the facts of your case, explain your legal rights, and figure out the best way to hold the person who violated you accountable under the law. Schedule your free consultation by calling 805-643-5555 or contacting us online.