Divorce can come as a surprise, or it could be a long-expected event. In either case, you want to protect yourself from the moment the process begins. Also, it is not only yourself you need to protect; there are your children, your assets, and your finances as well. This does not mean you should be hiding your assets and closing bank accounts, but you should retain the Law Offices of Bamieh & De Smeth, PLC early on in the process. Below, our Ventura divorce attorney reviews the importance of having legal representation.

How Hiring a Divorce Attorney in California Can Help Protect Your Rights

If your spouse has hired an attorney, you need one as well. Many times, a divorce proceeding is won or lost before the first document is filed, so it crucial to have legal representation before the legal process begins.

You do not want to jeopardize your case, including your children, finances, and assets, by failing to retain our knowledgeable lawyer. Our experienced Santa Barbara divorce attorney works extensively within the realm of family court and understand the complexities of the law.

Failing to gather the correct information regarding your finances or assets could significantly reduce your chances of success. If you want to ensure all the proper documents and paperwork are collected, you need legal assistance months before an actual case is filed. Our experienced California divorce attorneys understand what the judge is looking for and how to build a persuasive case with your unique evidence and documentation. In any court of law, testimony is also better when backed with corroborating evidence. However, piecing evidence together requires time, and any delay in retaining our services increases the chance that vital information might not be available.

When Should You Hire a California Divorce Attorney?

By hiring our California divorce attorneys at the beginning of the process, they can serve as a wall between you and your spouse. Communication will be filtered through the respective attorneys, removing you from potentially volatile situations where your emotions could take control.

Objectivity is essential for making informed decisions during any legal proceeding, especially one as emotional as a divorce. It is bad enough to go through the emotional roller coaster of a marriage falling apart when it is a private affair. When you enter into a divorce, a great deal of personal information and emotional laundry will be aired publicly. Your feelings of anger, depression, or sadness could compromise your ability to think clearly about what you are going through and the proper steps you should take.

By taking a step back and approaching your case with a clear and focused mind, our attorney will work with you in making the best decisions possible. It is not uncommon for an entire divorce case to be derailed because of emotion. Our office is there to provide not only our legal services but also an emotional buffer between you and the situation. The earlier you create that legal and psychological wall between you and your spouse, the better.

Your divorce proceeding could be heavily influenced by decisions made during the early stages of your case. You will want to have experienced legal advice from the beginning. Our California family lawyer will thoroughly evaluate your situation to formulate a legal strategy. Our office will be able to offer several possible settlement solutions that could satisfy you, your spouse, and the judge, based upon the strength of your case, your expectations, and our experience with other divorce matters. Sometimes, putting together a reasonable settlement proposal that addresses your concerns along with your spouse’s issues results in a more beneficial conclusion. If you wait to hire our office until the middle of your divorce case, critical mistakes could have been made that will be nearly impossible to overcome.

No matter the financial state of a client, people going through a divorce have limited resources. It is not always worth fighting and litigating every point. While you might passionately want to fight for complete satisfaction, it is a critical role of a good attorney to make an objective appraisal of your case and advise you accordingly. The sooner you have an attorney working on your behalf, the less likely it is that you will make decisions that are fueled by emotion.

How Soon Should You Start Preparing for Your California Divorce Case

Another good reason to hire an attorney early in the process is so you could start working towards a realistic goal. In nearly every divorce proceeding, neither spouse is going to get everything they want. If you are going through a high asset divorce in Ventura, for example, the more time you give yourself to protect valuale assets the better the outcome. Our California divorce attorney will help you form reasonable expectations. Divorce proceedings are rarely about winning and more about compromising, so each party believes they have achieved something. By helping you understand what is likely to occur, you will be able to make informed decisions based upon realistic goals.

Call Our California Divorce Attorney for a Free Consultation

Divorce proceedings are often emotionally charged legal cases, where both spouses are angry, sad, or depressed. They are also complicated legal actions requiring our skilled and knowledgeable California divorce attorney. The lawyers and staff at the Law Offices of Bamieh & De Smeth, PLC understand how painful divorce can be. By retaining our services early in the process, our office has the ability to evaluate your case, gather the evidence and documentation required, and begin working towards a beneficial solution for your divorce with children, same sex divorce case, or other situation. Call (805) 643-5555 to schedule a free consultation to review your case and allow us to assist you during this difficult time.