Boarding School Reveals Sexual Abuse History and Cover Up

July 30, 2021

Since 1889, The Thacher School in Ojai, California, has been considered one of the nation’s best boarding schools and has many notable alumni. However, it seems that the school’s reputation might be in jeopardy due to a report released regarding decades of sexual abuse and assault against Thacher students by faculty members.

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Shocking Reports of Sexual Misconduct

Thacher officials published findings on its website in June 2021, revealing information about sexual assault allegations. Even worse, the school revealed that administrators, board members, and others at the institution worked to cover up or failed to address complaints by current and former students of possible assault.

The report was completed by a third-party law firm that dug deep into allegations and the school’s response (or lack thereof). Some of the conclusions of the report and the Thacher Board include:

The School named six perpetrators against students, and stated it plans to implement measures to prevent further misconduct and mishandling of complaints. This includes improving education and training regarding sexual abuse, revising policies for handling complaints and misconduct, improving Board oversight and involvement, and more.

Were You Sexually Abused?

Many Thacher students and alumni came forward to complain of abuse, and many more likely suffered serious injuries from abuse. Some injuries from sexual assault can include physical injuries, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other mental disorders, sexually-transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancy, and more.

Abuse victims have the right to hold their abusers accountable for all the harm they caused, and Thacher students should not be afraid to come forward and stand up for their rights. The criminal process is often not enough to financially recover for all of your injuries, so always discuss a civil lawsuit with a personal injury lawyer.

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