Can Fault Be Determined by Car Accident Damage?

June 25, 2022

Figuring out who’s at fault for a car crash is vital to determining which party should pay the damages resulting from the crash. Generally speaking, the at-fault party is the driver whose negligent actions caused the crash, and this driver is also the party that must be held liable for paying the damages.

However, car accident claims can be complex, especially when the fault is not clear. Keep in mind that insurance providers will not readily pay out compensation unless it’s clear that their policyholders caused the accident. After a car crash occurs, investigators, lawyers, and insurance companies use various ways to prove what caused the crash. Primarily, they collect various types of evidence, which usually include the following:

How Vehicle Damage Can Help Prove Fault in Car Accidents

Assessing vehicle damage is a crucial part of any motor vehicle accident. When police officers respond to an accident, they will examine the crash site, including the road conditions, weather conditions, and the damage to the vehicles involved. Evaluating the damage found on the vehicles may help paint a clearer picture of what exactly happened in the crash.

Usually, fault and liability for an accident are relatively simple to establish even without assessing the vehicle damage. In some cases, however, there may not be adequate evidence to determine fault, so investigators, insurance companies, and the police must rely on the vehicle damage they see on the vehicles.

Specifically, the damage found on vehicles can help determine whether the statements of the drivers and people involved in the crash are accurate. For example, if the rear end of one car is damaged and the front end of the other car is damaged, it’s very likely that the car with the damaged front end rear-ended the other car. Take note, however, that most at-fault drivers will attempt to lie about what happened to escape liability for the crash.

Vehicle damage alone may not be enough to establish fault and liability in some car crashes. Even if one driver alleges that another driver hit their car, and the evidence seems to be consistent with the driver’s story, this does not automatically mean that the driver was solely responsible for the accident. Ultimately, while vehicle damage can help determine fault for a car crash, you may need other evidence to build a strong claim against the liable party.

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