Consequences of Fleeing from an Accident in CA

August 30, 2022

In California, a person has committed a hit and run if they:

Hit and run charges in California can be a misdemeanor or felony. If the crash only involved property damage, the charge is a misdemeanor. But if the crash involved an injury or a death, the charge becomes a felony.

It’s crucial to note that it does not matter whether you caused the crash. You must stop and exchange details with the other parties. It’s understandable to be confused and panicky after a crash but fleeing the scene of the crash can lead to serious penalties and criminal charges.

Penalties of Misdemeanor Hit and Run in CA

Vehicle Code 20002 provides that drivers involved in crashes resulting in property damage must:

Likewise, if you hit a parked vehicle or other property, such as a gate or fence, and you can’t find the owner, you must leave a note with your contact details and report the accident to the police. Otherwise, you may face a misdemeanor hit and run charge and, if convicted, may face the following penalties:

In addition, you may face community service and probation for up to three years, depending on your driving record and criminal history.

Penalties of Felony Hit and Run in CA

Vehicle Code 20001 provides the legal requirements for drivers who were involved in motor vehicle crashes involving injury or death to another person. Failing to follow these requirements after a crash may lead to a felony hit and run charge:

Failure to follow these legal requirements will result in a felony hit and run charge and the following penalties:

In some cases, the prosecutor can charge the defendant with a felony and misdemeanor hit and run.

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