E-Bike Injuries and The Dangers Associated With Them

December 2, 2021

Riding bikes has become increasingly popular this past year since a lot of us were otherwise housebound. Biking gets people outside and helps people stay active. On the other hand, it likewise involves wind, distance, uphills and downhills, and achy legs, which could be very daunting for some. Introducing electric bikes, more commonly known as simply e-bikes. They are basically mountain or road bikes with battery-powered motors for goosing the cyclist’s pedaling power.

However, a study found that e-bikes have an increased risk of serious injuries, even death, than traditional bikes. They also have a different injury risk pattern when compared with e-scooters.

E-bikes Cause More Severe Injuries than Traditional Bikes

According to the study, e-bike riders have an increased risk of suffering internal injuries and getting hospitalized compared to riders of traditional bikes and e-scooters. The majority of injuries from e-bike accidents also involved collisions with pedestrians.

Most notably, however, the study found that e-bike injuries were more serious because e-bikes could run more than 20mph, while traditional bikes could only run less than 10mph. In addition, according to data from a report that the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has yet to release, the hazard patterns related to micro-mobility products, such as e-bikes, e-scooters, and hoverboards, are as follows:

The dangers linked to these products mainly fall into three categories, electrical, mechanical, and human error. These typically encompass the following hazards:

Ensuring Your Safety While Riding Your E-bike

To make sure that you avoid accidents and injuries when riding your e-bike, always wear a helmet. Also, before riding, always check your bike for any damage to the brakes, handlebars, lights, throttle, tires, frame, and cables. Damage to any of these components could make you lose control of your e-bike and lead to an accident.

But even the most careful people could get hurt while riding an e-bike if the accident was the result of another road user, like a driver, pedestrian, etc.

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