How Do I Properly Document a Motor Vehicle Accident?

July 29, 2022

When you get injured in a motor vehicle crash, time may appear to stand still and then move fast once the accident is over. Unfortunately, once the shock and adrenaline from the crash have passed, injured victims often forget things due to various reasons. So one of the most crucial things you can do following an accident is to try and document everything.

While seeking compensation and filing a claim against the liable party might be the last thing on your mind when you are injured, the success of your case will most likely hinge on the evidence you present to support your claim. To help make sure that you document your motor vehicle crash properly, here’s what you can do:

Ensure Your Safety First

Call 911 or emergency services if you or a passenger is injured. Seeing a doctor and getting prompt medical attention will also ensure that you have a medical record that you can use to prove your injuries and damages. If it’s safe for you to move around, it’s time to gather evidence at the accident scene.

Report The Accident to The Police

Reporting the motor vehicle accident to the police will also help support your claim because the responding officer will create a police report that will contain their observations of the accident scene.

Collect Evidence and Information

Connect With an Experienced Ventura Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer Today

Unfortunately, even if you did all that you can possibly do to document the motor vehicle crash as properly as you can, the liable party’s insurance provider can - and will - do all that they can to make things extremely difficult for you by looking for all sorts of ways to undervalue or even deny your claim. If you or a family member has suffered serious injuries in a motor vehicle crash due to someone else’s negligent or reckless acts, reach out to Bamieh & De Smeth right away.

Our skilled Ventura motor vehicle accident lawyer will investigate the cause of your accident, establish fault and liability for your injuries, calculate your damages, negotiate maximum compensation for your losses, and fight for you in court if necessary. Set up a free consultation with our Ventura motor vehicle accident lawyer by reaching us online or calling 805-643-5555.