Self-Driving Trucks Create Safety Concerns for Drivers

August 2, 2021

We’ve all heard the rumors that self-driving trucks are on their way, and while it strikes fear within most of us, the truth is that the time has come. The thought of having an 80,000 pound fully loaded big rig pass you on the highway may be terrifying, but it is nevertheless about to become a reality. If someone else’s negligence leaves you injured in a truck accident, turn to the experienced legal guidance of a dedicated Santa Barbara truck accident attorney.


The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) reports in SPECTRUM that TuSimple, a startup based in San Diego, is on schedule to send out autonomous trucks this year. This isn’t a drill, and these massive machines are prepared to both pick up hauls and deliver loads without a truck driver (or anyone else for that matter) in sight. Semi-trucks, it seems, have gotten the jump on those driverless cars that have always gotten so much hype but have not, as yet, materialized. The impact that automated semis will have on our economy is predicted to be immense, but the impact they will have on traffic safety remains to be seen.

Supervised Autonomy

TuSimple’s story is far from simple. It has partnered – in what amounts to a triple threat – with Navistar, the big-league truck manufacturer, and UPS, the shipping giant. To date, TuSimple and Co. have been sending their autonomous trucks out on depot to depot runs (in both Texas and Arizona) with what amounts to training wheels attached with an experienced truck driver in each cab who is ready to take the wheel if necessary. This is called supervised autonomy, and apparently, it has been so successful that TuSimple is ready to push forward sans truck drivers.

Driver Concerns

Regardless of the amount of technology, testing, and confidence that has been poured into these self-driving behemoths, drivers – including truck drivers – continue to have safety concerns, including:

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