Sex Abuse Victims on College Campuses

December 17, 2021

Seven years have passed since the California State Auditor released its report on sexual violence and harassment in California college universities and colleges. The report concluded that California college campuses must do better to safeguard their students against sexual abuse and implement a more efficient system for responding to and resolving sexual abuse incidents.

The audit also recommended that campuses should establish regular training for employees and students and take the necessary steps to ensure that they know about the university practices and policies regarding sexual abuse. But sexual abuse on college campuses is still happening.

A UCLA report shows that over two recent years, sexual abuse allegations almost doubled. Also, a UC Berkeley report shows that there were 85 reported incidents of sexual abuse in one year and 71 reported incidents only two years later. And just this September, USC received five to seven reports of possible sexual assault and drugging at a fraternity.

College Women are Most Vulnerable to Sexual Abuse

Colleges must make certain that not one student or employee is being raped or sexually abused, in any way, in the first place. But college sexual abuse is still very much pervasive, according to these glaring statistics from The Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN):

Seek Legal Help from an Experienced Santa Barbara Sexual Abuse Attorney Now

After being sexually abused, it is difficult to know how you should react. You might be emotionally drained, physically hurt, and generally uncertain of what you should do next. But what you need to remember above all else is that what happened to you was never your fault. Someone did something to you that you did not want to happen, and that is never okay.

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