Sexual Harassment by Professors at CSU

March 07, 2023

At 12 state university campuses across California, 54 faculty members, coaches, and non-management employees – in cases ranging from 2017 to 2021 – violated sexual misconduct and discrimination policies, according to EdSource. The California State University (CSU) system has released information revealing that some of these violations led to resignations and firings. If you’re the victim of college sexual harassment, an experienced California sexual harassment attorney is standing by to help.

The Violations

The violations in question include the following:

The case summaries that were recently released to the public came in the wake of deep-seated controversies in relation to the 23-campus system’s policies for handling complaints based on sexual harassment and for disciplining employees in the past. It’s worth noting that this educational goliath is the largest four-year public university in the country.

How the Offenses Break Down

The records released reveal that, of the 54 employees who committed identified offenses, the following apply:

Nearly all the complaints were lodged by students.

Uncertain Results

In at least one of the cases involved a professor who violated CSU’s policies that prohibit sexual and gender harassment and sexual misconduct. The professor resigned from their original CSU campus only to be awarded a similar teaching position at a different CSU campus. Another professor resigned before the CSU campus he worked at could fire him – based on him having an intimate relationship with two students during a time when he had significant academic authority over both. He has since rejoined the teaching profession at a South Carolina university.

Of the employees involved, 30 ended their careers at the CSU campus where the misconduct occurred in all the following ways:

Still others faced consequences like the following:

The CSU system has been plagued with other related concerns, which continues to direct the spotlight of investigation toward it.

An Experienced California Sexual Harassment Attorney Can Help

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