Should Police Have Advised Me of My Miranda Rights?

May 8, 2023

The answer to this question will depend on various circumstances. Not all interactions with citizens or suspects require the police to provide a Miranda warning. However, the prosecutor cannot use what a suspect said to the police as evidence against them in a trial if the police failed to advise them of their Miranda rights , which include:

When Must The Police Read Your Miranda Rights?

The police are legally obligated to read your Miranda rights when they take you into custody and question you.

When Are The Police Not Required to Read Your Miranda Rights?

The police are not legally required to give you a Miranda warning in the following situations:

What If The Police Violate My Miranda Rights?

Your case will not automatically be dismissed if the police violate your Miranda rights. However, if they take you into custody and interrogate you without Mirandizing you, the prosecution can’t use your statements to prove that you are guilty of the crime you’re accused of.

On the other hand, the prosecution can, in certain instances, provide the unlawfully obtained statement to discredit a suspect’s testimony. For example, if your testimony during trial differs from the statement you gave the police before you were Mirandized, the prosecution can introduce that statement to damage your credibility.

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