Steps to Take If a Teacher or Coach is Sexually Harassing Me

December 23, 2022

Sexual harassment in schools and sports has been taking place for many years. It is only recently, however, that it has begun to receive the attention it rightfully deserves. Any unwanted sexual, physical, or verbal conduct can be considered sexual harassment. It usually tends to make the victim unsafe, intimidated, offended, frightened, or embarrassed and must not be ignored.

If you are being or have been sexually harassed by a teacher or coach, you must bear in mind that it is not your fault because the harasser is solely responsible for their despicable behavior. You should also know your options and rights as a victim of sexual harassment. Here are some important things you should do:

Know Your Rights and Get Informed

Learn about your school’s policy on Title IX and sexual misconduct complaint processes. You may find this on your student handbook or your school’s code of conduct or website. See what options are available to you. It’s crucial to note that the policy must include specific information on reporting sexual harassment or assault.

If your school doesn’t have rules for reporting sexual misconduct, or you believe their rules don’t meet the Title IX requirements, or you are unsure about how to proceed, talk to a Santa Barbara sexual harassment lawyer for legal guidance. Not having rules or having insufficient or unfair rules regarding sexual misconduct is a Title IX violation. 

Document Everything

This can be immensely difficult and triggering but documenting the sexual harassment incident and the circumstances surrounding or relating to it can protect your rights. If applicable, document any written or digital communication with the harasser. If you already met with school officials or Title IX coordinators, list down the date, time, locations, what was discussed, and who was there.

Keep all copies of letters, emails, and paperwork about your report, the Title IX complaint, your school’s investigation, and other related files. If your school has intimidated, threatened, punished, or retaliated against you in any way for reporting the sexual harassment incident, document your experience, including what happened to you and who was involved.

Discuss Your Situation With a Skilled Santa Barbara Sexual Harassment Attorney

If your school tried to stop you from filing a formal complaint, ignored your complaint, didn’t inform you of your rights, failed to investigate the incident, took an unnecessarily long time to investigate your complaint, attempted to blame you for the incident, or retaliated against you, they have violated the law. Seek legal action with help from a Santa Barbara sexual harassment attorney as soon as possible.

Get In Touch With an Experienced Santa Barbara Sexual Harassment Lawyer Now

If you or your child has experienced sexual harassment from a teacher, coach, or any other school staff, contact Bamieh & De Smeth right away. Our Santa Barbara sexual harassment lawyer can explain which federal and state laws apply to your case and determine which people or entities you can sue and seek compensation from. Call 805-643-5555 or reach us online to arrange your free consultation with our Santa Barbara sexual harassment lawyer today.