Steps to Take If You Are Being Sexually Harassed in The Workplace

November 17, 2022

If you have been sexually harassed at work, unfortunately, you are not alone. Approximately five million workers are sexually harassed in the workplace every single year, but 99.8% of workers who experience workplace sexual harassment do not file formal charges. Likewise, of the workers who file charges, only about 1,500 people take their cases to court. The main reason for this is that, even if it’s illegal, most employers retaliate against workers who complain about sexual harassment.

But it’s crucial to report sexual harassment to hold the harasser liable under the law and to help ensure that it doesn’t happen to other people.

What You Should Do If You Experience Sexual Harassment in The Workplace

The first thing you should do is review your employer’s sexual harassment policy, which should explain the specific steps you must take when reporting sexual harassment and how the company handles complaints. You should also speak to coworkers that you trust and ask around if any of them have experienced harassment as well. Next, you should:

The agency will investigate your complaint and review the sexual harassment incident and its context and take appropriate action depending on their findings. At this point, you should consider consulting with a Santa Barbara sexual harassment lawyer, especially if you’ve filed your claim and you feel your employer will retaliate against you or has already retaliated against you.

If the agency’s investigation and attempts to negotiate with the employer fail to achieve fair results, your lawyer can file a lawsuit seeking damages under state and federal laws.

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Sexual harassment, regardless of where it occurred, can be isolating and traumatic. If you’ve been sexually harassed in your workplace, remember that you have legal options to fix the situation and pursue damages. Contact Bamieh & De Smeth at 805-643-5555 or online to learn more about your case and set up a free consultation with our Santa Barbara sexual harassment attorney.