Think Twice Before Posting About Your Accident on Social Media

August 9, 2021

People don’t usually hesitate when posting stuff on social media, which is totally normal. However, you should always keep information about accidents confidential because sharing this information makes it public knowledge. In turn, this could affect the confidentiality protections of your case. Additionally, accident cases always involve sensitive medical and financial details that should never be disclosed to the public.

Why Posting Stuff on Social Media After an Accident is Not a Good Idea

Social media posts and comments about your accident can likewise be used against you. Let’s say that you’re currently in the midst of seeking compensation for a motor vehicle accident, and you post photos of you playing sports, hiking, or another activity that’s physically taxing. The liable party might use your posts to downplay your injuries and minimize your compensation or even deny your injury claim entirely.

It’s also vital to note that lawyers and insurance claims adjusters will definitely investigate all your social media accounts to look for things that they can use against you. So the best thing to do following any kind of accident is not to post anything about it on social media. Otherwise, take down potentially incriminating posts right away. You can likewise consider disabling your social media accounts temporarily.

Protect Your Accident Case by Following These Tips

Everyone should take extra care to protect their social media profiles. But this is particularly crucial for people who have an active accident case or are involved in some kind of lawsuit or investigation. All accounts must be updated and logged in separately, and only approved friends and followers must be able to see your posts.

If your social media profile’s settings are public, everyone, including lawyers and insurance adjusters, will be able to see them. Likewise, make sure to screen new friend or follower requests, especially from complete strangers, since sneaky insurance adjusters are not above using fake social media profiles to stalk your accounts.

Another vital safeguard is to ask all your friends and relatives to avoid posting things about your accident. For instance, suppose your friend posted photos of your recent vacation that occurred several weeks following your accident. The insurance adjuster might use these photos to deny or significantly minimize your compensation amount. Make sure to tell your friends and family to avoid tagging photos of you as well, and also ask them to consider updating their privacy settings.

The bottom line – it is never a good idea to post stuff on social media about an accident or active investigation on a case. Posting about your accident, the case facts, the insurance providers involved, your injuries, your expenditures, and your social activities could damage your case.

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