Oil Spill Truck Accident Causes Lane Closures on 101

April 27, 2022

Trucks carrying all sorts of cargo travel throughout our nation’s roadways like clockwork. Unfortunately, some cargo is not properly secured, or the truck becomes overloaded, resulting in the cargo shifting about during travel and spilling onto the road. When this happens, devastating wrecks and injuries can also occur.

For example, on February 5, 2022, Saturday afternoon, Highway 101’s southbound lanes in Santa Barbara were closed off near Santa Claus Lane in Carpinteria because of a traffic accident that involved a big rig that caused an oil spill. According to the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) District 5, traffic was backed up and caused more accidents near Toro Canyon Road.

Common Causes of Cargo Spills

Various things can cause cargo spills, including the following:

Who is Liable for Traffic Accidents Caused by Cargo Spills?

Truck accidents like jackknife and rollover crashes can cause trucks carrying liquids and chemicals to spill their cargo. When the spilled cargo is flammable, there’s always the risk of fire and explosions occurring. But even if the cargo spill doesn’t involve flammable materials, any kind of liquid spill can potentially make the road slippery, hence, more hazardous for all motorists.

Put simply, any kind of cargo spill can be hazardous and cause traffic congestion, multiple vehicle pileups, and various kinds of personal injuries. On the upside, when traffic crashes involving cargo spills occur, injured victims can hold any of the following parties liable for their accident-related injuries and damages:

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