What Can a Car Accident Attorney Do For You?

July 20, 2021

After a car accident, it is important to get advice from a Ventura car accident attorney. This critical step helps protect your legal right to be compensated for your injuries and losses. But what, exactly, can a car accident attorney do for you? After all, aren’t there plenty of people who settle their injury claims on their own, without an attorney’s help?

While you certainly have the right to do this, there are many reasons why it might not be a good idea. Learn more about what a car accident attorney can do for you after a motor vehicle collision.

How an Attorney Protects Your Legal Rights

From the moment they are hired, personal injury lawyers take critical steps to protect their clients’ rights. The first thing that happens is that you will no longer speak to the insurance company about your claim. Their employees are not on your side. Your attorney will handle all communications in order to protect you from saying anything that could hurt your case.

This rule also prevents the insurance company from trying to go around your attorney and pressuring you to accept a low settlement offer. Your attorney can also begin working to preserve evidence. Eyewitnesses, photos, video recordings, and even the broken pieces of the vehicles could be critical evidence in your case. If the people who have this evidence are not advised to keep it, it could be destroyed in routine data purges.

The Fair Value Of your Case

Another reason it is so important to have your own lawyer is so that you will know the fair value of your claim. The fair settlement value of a case is based on the amount that a jury would be likely to award at trial. Litigators know how to value these claims: by working with juries and getting experience in the courtroom, they learn about the factors that both help and hurt your case at trial.

An injury victim who has never been in a courtroom before cannot be expected to know what a case would be likely to win at trial. Insurance companies know this. Their employees might tell you that your case isn’t worth very much, or that a jury will not be sympathetic to your cause, or even that you were responsible for your own injuries. You do not have to believe this. By hiring your own lawyer, you will get reliable legal advice from someone who is on your side - not the other driver’s.

Experienced, Aggressive Car Accident Attorneys For All Ventura Motor Vehicle Accidents

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