What Happens If You Get a DUI in CA?

December 13, 2021

Driving and drinking do not mix, and that’s a fact. But based on NHTSA estimates, approximately 28 people are killed every single day in the U.S. in drunk driving crashes. That is one life lost every 52 minutes. Likewise, 10,142 were killed in DUI accidents in a recent year, and 1,066 of those drunk driving fatalities occurred in California.

While the penalties and consequences for DUI offenders could be very severe, particularly for repeat offenders, the impact of being a DUI victim could be even more severe, especially if the DUI crash resulted in catastrophic injuries or death to an innocent victim.

How DUI Accidents Negatively Affect The Lives of Innocent Victims and Their Families

According to a MADD Victimization Study in which 1,785 members of MADD were surveyed:

Of the victims surveyed, 1,448 were drunk driving crash victims, including injured victims and those who lost a loved one, and 337 of them weren’t victims. The study also surveyed 234 non-MADD DUI accident victims.

Another study found that the loved ones of people killed in a DUI crash and people who were murdered typically develop post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD. 23% of them developed PTSD at some point since their loved one’s death, while 5% of them were still suffering from PTSD during the survey.

The devastating and potentially lifelong impact of DUI crashes that result in severe, permanent, or disabling injuries just can’t be overestimated. The innocent victims of these accidents might never recover completely, usually spending years in painful and taxing therapies.

The family members who become unexpected caretakers of seriously injured DUI victims also suffer ongoing and severe stress in various aspects of their lives, whether professionally, psychologically, financially, spiritually, and emotionally.

Aside from all of the above, the injured victim and their families also suffer financially because of all the medical expenses, lost earnings, and lost earning capacity damages they incurred or would continue to incur, depending on the severity and exact nature of the victim’s injuries.

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DUI is one of the most heinous crimes because the injuries and deaths resulting from DUI crashes could’ve been prevented. Sadly, the ill effects of DUI crashes on survivors, victims, and their loved ones are irreversible. If you were seriously injured or a loved one lost their life to a senseless DUI accident in California, contact Bamieh & De Smeth for compassionate legal guidance.

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