What to Look for in Sexual Abuse Victims

November 22, 2021

According to a 2019 study, 86% of females and 53% of males in California reported experiencing some kind of sexual abuse in their lifetime. It’s also crucial to note that sadly, sexual abuse in minors is far more common than we realize – approximately 1 in 10 kids would experience sexual abuse by the time they reach 18 years old.

But sexual abuse survivors might not say that they have been sexually abused. Rather, you might see some telltale signs, which usually include changes in their emotions and behaviors. If you notice the following signs below, it does not automatically mean that someone has been sexually abused.

Remember that a person’s behavior could change for various reasons, but it’s also crucial to consider the possibility of sexual abuse.

Behaviors and Signs Common in Sexually Abused Kids and Adolescents

Behaviors and Signs Common in Sexually Abused Teens and Adults

Behaviors and Signs Common in Younger Sexually Abused Kids

Physical Warning Signs of Sexual Abuse

While usually rare, consult with your pediatrician if you see the following signs:

Consequences of sexual abuse could include not only physical injuries but also other medical issues, poor mental health, reduced quality of life, lost work productivity, and even death. Likewise, sexually abused kids have an increased risk of being victimized again in the future. 

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