Who is Liable If a Roadway Defect Causes My Car Accident?

August 17, 2022

Poor road conditions due to various roadway defects are not just frustrating – they can also be extremely hazardous. They leave behind potholes and other dangerous obstacles that create a host of driving hazards. When a roadway isn’t maintained or constructed properly, it can lead to car crashes and devastating injuries.

But liability in motor vehicle accidents caused by road defects can be difficult to establish because of the multiple potentially liable parties involved.

Common Types of Roadway Defects

You have probably encountered different roadway defects when out on the road. Apart from damaging your vehicle, they can likewise cause severe crashes and injuries. Certain defects may be difficult to detect before it is too late, and a crash has already occurred. Common examples of roadway defects include the following:

Liability in Car Accidents Due to Roadway Defects

Owners of roads, including municipalities, have a legal duty to maintain roads regularly and properly and can be held responsible for a car crash resulting from a hazardous roadway defect. Let’s say the municipality had knowledge of a road defect and didn’t repair it or resolve the issue that caused the crash. In this case, the municipality can be held liable for the crash. Similarly, if the municipality created the road defect, liability follows.

Potentially liable parties in car accidents resulting from roadway defects can include:

Government entities may be held legally responsible for injuries and losses that occur due to their negligent actions based on the state’s government tort liability rule. Likewise, if you suffered injuries in California because of a government entity’s negligence, you may be eligible to file a claim against the liable party if the California Tort Claims Act applies to your case.

But you should know that suing a government entity could be tricky and challenging. It’s crucial to consult with a skilled Santa Barbara car accident lawyer to see if you have a solid claim. Your lawyer can examine the circumstances of the accident to establish fault for the crash. If a roadway defect caused the crash, your lawyer will also figure out which party must be held liable for your injuries and related losses.

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