How to Help a Student Being Harassed in College

January 20, 2023

According to a recent survey, 67% of college students have experienced harassment, and 61% of college students have witnessed other students being harassed on campus. Harassment is a term that covers any unwanted or non-consensual attention, whether it is online, physical, verbal, or emotional.

While the intensity and exact nature of the harassment may differ, it must be recognized, reported, and dealt with accordingly. If you know anyone who has been harassed on your campus, here are some guidelines to support them.

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Numerous colleges all across the country have faced criticisms of their inadequate handling of harassment cases, but the problem still continues. Some harassment incidents go unreported, while others are glossed over because schools are wary of the possibility of a scandal tarnishing their name. Social stigma and doubt that reports will be investigated may prevent students from reporting harassment.

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