What Should I Bring When I Meet
With a Lawyer?

Prior to your meeting, search the lawyers name on the internet. Reviews from past clients, participation in community affairs, and press releases will help to educate you on the person you are about to meet.

Come prepared to your meeting with a list of questions. Approach your appointment as an interview. Ask the lawyer, “Do you handle this type of case?” You should also ask about the lawyer’s last two trials; when they occurred, in what city they were tried, and what crimes were involved. Another important question is, “how often do you practice in this courthouse [where you will be tried]?”
Bring any and all information you have on your case. If possible, have another person attend your first meeting with the lawyer. A second pair of eyes and ears will allow you to better assess the lawyer.
Lastly, be an observer. Take mental (or written) notes on the appearance of the lawyer’s office. Is the work place tidy and professional or messy and outdated? Examine the office staff. Are the employees courteous and efficient or unprofessional and inconsiderate? Does the office phone ring off the hook, or not at all? Both extremes can be a potential issue. Consider all these things in your assessment of the lawyer.

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