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Personal injuries that victims sustain due to someone else’s negligent or intentional actions can cause prolonged pain from physical and emotional suffering. For a lot of people who have suffered severe personal injuries or lost their loved ones, they can also suffer financial hardship due to mounting medical bills and lost income that will eventually wreak havoc on their entire life.

But whether the harm is unintentional or intentional, the negligent party must pay for the damages they inflict on injured victims. If you or a loved one were injured due to another’s actions, you might be entitled to compensation for your losses.

The Law Offices of Bamieh & De Smeth, PLC, can fight for your right to receive the maximum compensation amount allowable under the law to ensure that all your accident-related losses will be covered. Our top Ventura personal injury attorneys have extensive experience handling personal injury claims, such as:

Our main priority is securing the financial compensation you deserve, so you can get back to living your life without the uncertainty of not knowing how you can cover the losses you incurred because of your injuries. Our Ventura personal injury attorneys will give your personal injury case close attention and be with you at every step of the legal process.

The Value of Your Personal Injury Claim

Personal injury law is complex, and unfortunately, getting what’s fair normally means negotiating a settlement, dealing with insurance providers, and taking the personal injury case to court. It can be difficult to know exactly how much compensation you need and are entitled to without professional legal advice. Broadly speaking, however, insurance claims adjusters and lawyers will consider these factors when calculating the value of a personal injury claim:

If your claim heads to trial because the insurer is refusing to pay you a fair settlement, the jury will consider these factors (besides the factors mentioned above) when figuring out how much you should receive:

While there’s no specific formula for estimating how much your injuries are worth, our Ventura personal injury attorneys can give you a more precise value of your damages based on the losses you incurred and how they have affected your life.

Damages You Can Recover in a Personal Injury Claim

Once we successfully negotiate a fair settlement or win your case for personal injury, you will be entitled to receive damages, which can include compensatory damages and exemplary damages. Compensatory damages are intended to restore or put injured victims in the state they would be in if not for their injuries. By assigning a dollar value to their injuries, these damages will help restore the victims’ financial, emotional, and physical states.

Compensatory damages include damages for compensating the victim’s economic losses and those for compensating their non-economic losses:

Exemplary or punitive damages aren’t intended for compensating victims but for punishing negligent individuals for harming the victims and preventing others from doing the same thing. These damages, however, are only awarded when the conduct of the negligent party was particularly outrageous or egregious.

Be Very Careful When Dealing With Insurance Claims Adjusters

Insurance claims adjusters are highly trained to shrewdly influence claimants into saying something that will shield their bosses (the insurance companies) from liability. This means that anything you say to them can be used to undermine or discredit your claim. This is why you should never talk about your injuries or how you got them with anyone until you’ve spoken to an attorney.

Insurance providers are all about making money and minimizing payouts to injured claimants, so you should keep in mind that they will be looking out for their best interests and not yours. Claims adjusters will even attempt to offer you legal advice, which is actually illegal for people who are not lawyers. Remember that no matter how warm and friendly the adjuster seems, their main goal is to reduce your payout as much as possible.

It’s also common for claims adjusters to make a quick settlement offer. But if you agree to a settlement or sign any documents before you’ve had a chance to talk to a lawyer, this can prevent you from getting maximum compensation for your losses.

They are hoping that you’re still not sure about the full cost and extent of your injuries and related losses. Therefore they offer quick settlements.

When you work with the Ventura personal injury attorneys at The Law Offices of Bamieh & De Smeth, PLC, we can make sure that the insurance provider will pay your claim’s full value, including all your future and past losses.

You Must File Your Claim As Soon Possible

All states have their own rules for filing lawsuits, including the deadline or statute of limitations for filing personal injury lawsuits. Once this deadline passes, your claim will no longer be considered valid in the eyes of the law. In California, the statute of limitations will vary based on the specific claim:

In some cases, the time limit can be tolled or suspended for some time and then start running again. For instance, tolling can be granted when a defendant is insane, a minor, or is in prison or not in the state. But once the reason for the suspension ends, the statute of limitations starts running again.

Depending on your case, it can be difficult to determine when the time limit for filing your claim starts and ends. If you’re unsure about the statute of limitations for your claim, talk to our Ventura personal injury attorneys immediately.

What Can a Ventura Personal Injury Lawyer Do For My Case?

Put simply, the seasoned Ventura personal injury lawyers of Bamieh & De Smeth will work very hard to secure the best possible outcomes for your specific case. We will safeguard your legal rights and negotiate a settlement that will cover the losses you suffered due to your injuries and those that you may experience in the future by:

Ensuring That You Have a Strong Personal Injury Claim

We build our clients’ cases from the ground up because we know that securing maximum compensation for your damages will require strong and proper evidence to support it. Our Ventura personal injury lawyers will thoroughly investigate the cause of the accident and your injuries to establish the party liable for your damages. We do this by:

Dealing with Out-of-Court Negotiations

There’s always the possibility of settling a personal injury case before it heads to trial. After we have established the value of your claim, we’ll send the demand letter to the at-fault party’s insurance provider. If the other party agrees to our demand or is open to negotiating an offer, we may resolve your claim without heading to trial.

Prepping for Trial

Our Ventura personal injury lawyers will prepare your claim for trial and fight for your right to fair compensation by:

The sooner you reach out to us, the sooner our lawyers can start building a strong case to secure the highest compensation amount possible for your losses.

How Long Will My Personal Injury Claim Take?

There is simply no way to estimate how long your personal injury claim will take. As with many aspects of personal injury cases, much will depend on the specific factors of your claim, such as:

What is The Statute of Limitations in California and How it Will Affect My Case?

The statute of limitations is the deadline or time limit for filing a claim. In California, the time limit for bringing legal action against a liable party is usually two years from the date of the injury or accident. In certain cases, the time limit can be extended. If you fail to file your claim within this time limit, you’ll be barred from seeking compensation. This is why discussing your case with a Ventura personal injury lawyer as soon as possible after getting injured is crucial.

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